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hey you.

If you've found this corner of the internet, then it's probably because you want to do big things with your life, manifest all your scarily big goals and live a life you are completely and utterly obsessed with.

That's perfect actually, because that's exactly what I want to do too.

Check out my podcast Life, Actually with Rebekah Kane on Spotify or Apple Podcasts for your weekly dose of creative recovery, inspiration and an authentic glimpse into the life of a 26 year old Irish gal rewriting her limiting beliefs and creating a life where she gets to have it all.

I'm not a life coach, but I am a Sagittarius, so expect lots of unsolicited but excellent advice, musings and contagious optimism in your inbox every Sunday and in your headphones every Tuesday.

Following my journey might just make it easier for you to follow yours too!

Everything is possible here...come join in✨ 💸

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